twenty three and me and my cousin

i know step sibling porn has become a thing, but holy shit…

…so, i already talked about my herbal connection going away due to pedophiles using the shit out of the app, but then nik had to up it with an article she sent me about DNA services.

apparently, with the prevalence of sites like “23 & me” and shit there’s been a new trend appearing that nobody knew was a thing, unless you’re observant and live in the south like me – incest be E V E R Y W H E R E.

yep, it turns out the rate at which incest occurs in the US and the rate we THINK it occurs are two vastly different things, and the spit vials being sent in are proving it. when i was in college my first audio project (which subsequently helped secure me a job running the production studio) was something to the effect of “uncle bubba’s beer, ammo, and no blood test required wedding chapel”. who knew, thirty two years later, that might be an actual business venture i could launch? come ooooonnnn, lotto winnings!

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