and that’s when the bad shit started

with all the different movies in all the cinematic universes there are few things that seem to ring universally true…

…but one that does is, despite our instincts to the contrary, to leave certain things as they sit.

an example…

from fargo to narcos to countless others it is a fairly accepted fact in cinematic lore that when you see something like this…

…say, sitting between a taco trailer and a furniture store at midnight when it had NOT been there a half hour prior, you should leave it the fuck alone.

“what could be in it?”, is typically the question that gets the ball going. i have a few theories, and they all end the same way…

1. money – if it’s enough money to fill these cases, it’s enough that it will change your life…and be sorely missed by whoever was supposed to intercept it. and those who miss it will come looking for it and we’ve all seen how that goes. plus, it’s hard to picture that much money getting just dropped like that in the middle of a parking lot.

2. body parts – see above description, but swap “body parts” for “money”.

3. clothing – possibly just left so homeless people could find it, and who needs to sift through that shit?

4. some homeless person’s stuff – again, see three, but swap this in.

needless to say i just left ’em the fuck where they were. they were gone by the time i returned the next morning around ten, and we’ll just let em disappear into the ether for all i care…

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  • Kramer May 2, 2024 @ 9:05

    To paraphrase?
    “Some people get smart because they see the light, other’s because they feel the heat…”

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