i gotta start smoking more

i admit, i had started to stray…

…not from thc in general. oh no, far from. but i had strayed away from “flower”, as it is now called (actual weed) in favor of more vapes and edibles and such. but i had some leftovers i kept forgetting about – three different strains, to be honest. then i picked up a fourth, then was gifted a fifth and sixth. now i’m actually out of storage for the real shit, and that sixth one just sits in a box.

it’s an “ease of operation” thing. around 8:15 most nights when i’m at home, i gotta go get the kid from work. when i get home, i walk back in our room to toss my keys and wallet on the dresser, and the bathroom (where my stash is) is RIGHT there. pop a gummy, walk back out, plop down on the couch to hear about his day, pet the dogs, and so forth, and in about an hour life starts to get a bit lighter weight.

versus smoking, which i prefer not to do in front of the kid (or the new pup since dogs can get thc toxicity and he’s already had $500 in vet visits in his first week with us due to parasite issues) so i have to wait till everyone is in bed, then hit it, then let it kick in later in the evening, etc, etc.

but that being said, my GOOD vape source has dried up, so while i look for a second tier choice, there’s the edibles (still currently in good supply from florida, one of it’s few positive outputs these days) and the flower, which is just a bit higher maintenance (pun intended). so i really need to start utilizing what i’ve got, and that’s flower – the real deal. and pretty much all i have is indica stuff, so it’s meant to make you sleepy, which is typically my goal.

i’ve never been an “…and…” smoker. you know the type – get high AND clean the house. get high AND mow the yard. don’t get me wrong…i’m not typically catatonic when i smoke, but i’m far from motivated. i’d get high AND watch the simpsons. or get high AND fuck. but, typically, it’s get high AND crash. i like the dry herb vape because it delivers the same (or more) of a high than a typical pipe, but with less product. that being said, i did pick up a cheap piece of convenience store glass for smoking resin balls which i’ve never used, so that may have to make it’s way out soon. or maybe i just need to learn to roll? time will tell…

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