a week past the ridiculousness

i tell you, raising a pup takes more than i remember…

…or maybe this guy’s higher maintenance than i remember?

both vet visits have resulted in de-wormer being prescribed. the first one they gave us WAY more than the prescribed dose. the second (different vet) came up just short. we weren’t sure how short, but we could tell it was a bit short. “no problem”, the good doctor said, “just come by and we’ll leave a syringe for you at the counter, which will be no charge since you already paid for it…”

gee, ya think?

but here’s the rub – the vet is in luling, thirty-five miles round trip from the house. BUT they have a lockhart office, so i requested the fill this mistake of theirs in that office for ease of operation (and cost of fuel), but it turned out that was no go – the lockhart office doesn’t have it. so i had to waste eight bucks worth of supreme gas for what turned out to be (literally) ten drops of dog meds. that doesn’t jive, but if it makes him well and growing, i guess he’s worth it. he is pretty fuckin’ cute…

eight week old phyfe (l) and eight year old gypsy (r)

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