let it be dry!

not that i don’t love my yard looking all lush and shit (especially now that i borrowed JAB’s mower so my house doesn’t look like abandoned rental property) but i am damn sick of rain…

…or more importantly, the roof leaks i have to deal with because of it.

it seems this year we haven’t just had “rain” – we’ve had “god is pissed off at you” kind of rain. and as a result some leaks that were small are now big. and while some of my friends theorize my chronic allergy issues are not from the mold count, but rather the possibility of mold in my attic, i tend to disagree for two reasons:

1. the mold can’t be NEARLY as bad as the solid black wall in my grandmother’s house when i cleaned that bitch out, and i never had issues.

2. it flares up and gets worse at work sometimes when i’m away from my house up to eighteen hours at a stretch.

so i’m pretty sure i’m not allergic to my bedroom – which is a good thing!

but there’s still the clean up, and FINALLY being able to clean my floors without them being ruined moments later by dirty dog paws. and getting my bed back in place (a leak necessitated moving it about a week ago). and finally starting to feel like my house is…well…my house again. plus now that it’s nice all day i can kind of get a grip on some of the larger projects that i was putting off “till it gets nice out again”. rain ruins that – and i really wanna get in the attic and survey the damage, see if i can do anything about it. i don’t mind rainy days off, but i’m not a fan if i have to sweat how much damage is being done to my house that i can’t afford to hire professionals to fix.

but the forecast for the next week seems promising, so hopefully by this time next week things will be better…

and for all who wonder how i did on the self-serving sixer of house and personal projects, i went ZERO for six but i did get the front yard did, which given the height, density, and moisture level was no small accomplishment – JAB’s mower got choked out more times than a trailer park whore…

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