maybe it was better left in the past?

i had heard the rumors a while back…

…that arsenio hall was back.

i wasn’t sure how i felt – in a way, i feel old; shit that was current when i was in college is now the returning nostalgic trend. and at the same time, how much shit do we need to recycle when it comes to entertainment? it seems like every summer the “summer blockbusters” are forty percent sequels to shit we liked last summer, forty percent re-done versions of movies that have been done in the last twenty years, and twenty percent new shit. only TWENTY PERCENT new shit? and the rest an action movie where stallone is replaced by colin farrell or whatever the fuck?

who gives a shit…

…so now they’re re-doing arsenio – which, at least, stars arsenio. the problem is he, unlike the rest of the world, hasn’t changed much. while he’s aged wonderfully, and i don’t really miss the mustache (it just reminds me of his rather annoying character in harlem nights now) a lot of his mannerisms, attitudes, and overall schtick are the same…and that’s not a good thing. i remember enjoying the show back when, but not really being sad when it left the air – the party was over, i was kinda over the whole thing, and it didn’t really leave a void with me – but maybe with others it did? or maybe this latest generation of late teens and early twenties yearn for what their parents had for reasons i don’t get? maybe i’m not that into it because, unlike when the original was about, i am no longer in the prime “white male aged eighteen to thirty four” demo?

hell, at least i still have the “white” and “male” part going for me…

i wish i had seen the one last night with dice clay – talk about getting your nineties on! i tried to set my dvr for it, but it was already recording two things…was also the case when jackie chan was on earlier in the week. seems my dvr doesn’t have time for the show…and maybe neither should i.


ah, the good old days…

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  • UFC Oct 21, 2013 @ 9:41

    I heard that the “Dog Pound” with its barking, & arm gestures are back too?!? Maybe he was frozen & just now thawed out, which is why he still thinks it’s the 90’s!

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