a self-serving sixer? don’t mind if i do…

it’s been a while since i’ve done this…

…used a sixer as my “to do” list.

i’ve done it in the past, usually as a new years resolution kind of thing…this time it’s just the week’s “to do” list. part of this is just for me telling myself what i need to do, putting it on paper, and hoping that will make it happen. time will tell on that shit, i suppose – but this is the week’s plans:

1. make a bill (i.e. “$100”) of craigslist
2. make a bill off of eBay
3. get the office organized
4. get the floors did
5. figure out what’s up with my couch (that’s a long story)
6. make a dent in the heap that is the studio

now let’s see if i can make this shit happen – will make a comment at week’s end to document progress. again, this is incredibly self-serving and dull as fuck for y’all to read, and i acknowledge that – but i needed to kind of see if i could get my own shit going here…

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  • ME Oct 15, 2013 @ 6:35

    you wil do it ALL

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