hump day potty break – or is it a lunch break?

and just when you thought the chinese couldn’t take americans LESS seriously…

…we get the magic restroom cafe. this is where i usually say “i can’t make this shit up…” but that’s even too lame a pun for me to throw in unannounced.

and that’s saying something.

in the land of “theme restaurants” this one is the shit…literally. it’s made to look like a restroom wall to wall:


and was started in the l.a. area by a first time chinese restauranteur based on the popularity of a similar restaurant in asia – which speaks VOLUMES if you ask me, but never mind that now. and for desert? how ’bout a “bloody number two”, which is a chocolate sundae with strawberries served in a miniature toilet:


how appetizing.

i have no plans to head back to l.a. anytime soon, but at least if i head back i know which restaurant i don’t wanna step in (yeah, i did that one on purpose).

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  • ME Oct 23, 2013 @ 4:05


  • UFC Oct 28, 2013 @ 16:31

    I have no words.

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