is it worth it? should i work it?

it started a few years ago, and shows zero signs of letting up…

…of course, i’m talking about aarp emails and snail mails.

i don’t get it. i mean, i do…i’m old. or some resemblance of old. sometimes i don’t feel old. other times i REALLY feel old. having a young puppy helps you feel younger at heart as they’re still bouncy and discovering things for the first time. a lot of people say you get even more satisfaction from having a grandchild, but i would disagree. if phyfe gets on my nerves for too long, i can lock him in a crate and let him chill for an hour. you do that to your human grandchild and dollars to donuts the state’s gonna get involved.

i have two friends i know of close to my age that have “taken the plunge” when it comes to an aarp membership. one has a significantly younger spouse, who signed him up when the first mail came in right before he turned fifty because said s.o. thought it was “just precious” that he was engaged (now married) to a man old enough to qualify. the other said he did it for hotel discounts? i don’t travel nearly enough to make it worth it.

grant you, i don’t know if i ever get to actually “retire”. i kinda doubt it. i am my father’s son, i will probably work until a few weeks before i go, and that’ll be it. but i’m fifty-three – how long off is that? another forty of fifty years?

anyone else take the aarp plunge? was it worth it?

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