when this time of year was hectic (a flashback)

this one has been rerun before…

…but since it features miss kimberly, and she’s been in poor health lately, we’ll revisit happier times:

07/05/2002: “this was a holiday?”

so, my day at a glance…woke up this morning at 6:45 on a little under five hours of sleep after doing dinner and a movie with kimberly, the porn star in training (allow me to clarify, i WENT to a movie with her…men in black ii. it had it’s moments, but over all had a bad case of sequelitis where it pails compared to the original…just didn’t want y’all to think the two of us MADE a movie or something).

i left the house by 7:45 and was at waterloo park to set up for the pat green show by 8:15. helped erect the tent (hehehe….i said “erect”), ran the phone line, set up the system, ran around between production and the box office, helped nate run shit, and bailed just before two in the afternoon.

then i got to go do the job i was actually SCHEDULED for…

hit the office by two, help cover the systematic and outlet bases as we finish SELLING OUT pat green. then i grabbed the stuff to fix the rain-damaged gear at the backyard, went out, fixed a computer or two (or more accurately, four) then got all the stuff ready for my crew, set up the box offices, and ran the chris isaak / natalie merchant show from 3:45 to 10:45…all in all, a fourteen hour WORK DAY for july fourth.

independence day…

the day we celebrate our “freedom”…

the only “freedom” i celebrated was the freedom to make time-and-a-half on a holiday. which come NEXT friday (pay day) will seem like a VERY good thing. then i came home to write a quick blurb to you good readers before i pass the hell out. tomorrow? i DO have to work my normal office day, and then hit the gym…but then it’s off to the purple haze of baby a’s with josh…so count the typos on the friday / saturday entry….

oh yeah, but before i go….the STUPIDEST thing i have ever heard working a show. ever. and i mean, i have heard MORE than my share of stupid shit, but this scared me…

we had the line up posted at pat green…you know, what time each band went on…and at the top of the list it said:

“DOORS: 12:00 pm”

i ACTUALLY had someone ask me, “wait…how did y’all get the doors to play at noon? i thought their singer was dead…and why would they play first? they’re LEGENDS…..”

i had to explain to this individual (and how they were this stupid AND breathing on their own kinda baffles me) that that was the time the doors for the show OPENED…and that the band was nowhere to be found there…and you wonder why i always say, “what the general public don’t know is what MAKES them the general public…”

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oh, blow me.

sean (STILL writing this stuff, despite the abuse…) said @ 07/06/2002 02:41 PM GMT

puh-leez! you can’t live without me and you know it!

Kimberly said @ 07/06/2002 06:24 AM GMT

what? you just USE me? see if i EVER return one of YOUR phone calls again…

sean (i still just right this stuff) said @ 07/06/2002 04:07 AM GMT

I just use Sean for publicity.

Kimberly said @ 07/05/2002 07:23 PM GMT

promise…remember, i’m “special” like that…

sean (i write this stuff) said @ 07/05/2002 01:37 PM GMT

are you sure that wasn’t you and kimberly on “hot amateur action”? it looked just like your picture.

not red said @ 07/05/2002 01:03 PM GMT

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