time to shift gears

i saw a great meme courtesy of an old classmate of nik’s the other day…

…it said “voting is kinda like driving – to go backwards, select ‘R’; to go forwards, select ‘D'”

i’d respectfully disagree, but there is a reason no gear shift has a “T” you select, because that gets you nowhere.

i’ve been around long enough to vote in eight presidential elections (and i know i’ve covered this), and i’ve only voted FOR the democrat in two of them (clinton in 1996, obama in 2012). i’ve voted FOR the republican in two of them (bush 41 in 1992, mccain in 2008) and the rest of the time i’ve voted AGAINST the candidate, which made me vote, essentially for the lesser of two evils (voted against gore (because of tipper) in 2000, voted against romney in 2004 (he woulda tried to turn us into the theocracy we’re threatened with now) and i voted against trump in 2016 and again in 2020 (and again in 2024 – spoiler alert).

i’m tired of voting AGAINST a candidate. i’m tired of voting “for the lesser of two evils”. i’m tired of hearing chris diclemente’s voice telling me “better the devil you know” when i have political debates with people (i’m just tired of the phrase, and he used it a bit, not his voice per se – i’m actually way overdue for lunch or something with him just like i am with most of y’all).

look, if a gig has a legal minimum age (thirty-five for the presidency) than it only stands to reason it should have a MAXIMUM age as well. i have to agree with something patton oswalt said when i last saw him – this is the baby boomer’s last stand. all these congress people and presidents and senators are trying to desperately trying to hold on because their parent’s, nicknamed “the greatest generation” won two world wars and pulled out of a depression and got civil rights passed and interstates and all kinds of other shit. and they want to show they can do it too…and they need to just let go and pass the torch.

fucking seriously.

if you get to order off the special menu at iHop you have no business running the fucking country. period.

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