don’t be a NEET freak

so, i know this isn’t the “real” definition of the acronym above, but i like it because it’s more grammatically correct…

…the real definition is “not in education, employment, or training” but i prefer “no education, employment, or training”. basically, adult children. they don’t work. they don’t go to school. they’re not trying to learn a trade.

they just live off their parents, in their homes, using their bandwidth and cell plan and food and such in perpetuity. i’ll be curious to see the plan when the parents die. but i guess most of them don’t have to worry about that just yet…one of the definitions i read on urban dictionary makes them out to be predominantly females but, from my casual observation, this is not the case. i think it’s mainly dudes. this is where you get your incels. your kyle rittenhouses. your basic wastes of space. they don’t feel they should have to work, or further their education, and that the world will just provide for them as it always has.

see what happens when you give them a fuckin’ trophy just for showing up?

i remember having the conversation with os when he was younger – he really wanted a gaming system, and we told him we’d try and get it by the end of the year, which was several months away. i explained money was a little tight, and while it most certainly could and would happen, it was going to take some time. he tried to retort that he could help expedite the process by earning money around the house doing chores. it took some explaining that the money he earned came from us, and that there wasn’t some megafund that supplied his cash so if WE were tight on money, so was he.

more parents should have that conversation.

i read (and i know subsequently did a thing) about how several years ago was the first time the number one living situation among folks 18-34 years old was living with their parents. who knew it’d get worse and they’d just give up?

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