but when you catch it?

i heard a new term the other day…

“clout chasing” is doing something stupid, degrading, or just overusing being celebrity adjacent to try and attain personal fame, i’m assuming with the hope and dream of monetizing it? in the south we just have “hold my beer and watch this”, and we’ve had it for years, long before the likes and comments and such. in a way, these idiots are just catching up to us, right?

but that’s apparently the term for when people do that stupid shit whereby they balance weird on some remote bridge or sneak into somewhere they’re not supposed to be or what have you – it’s “clout chasing”, i.e. trying to get online notoriety for doing something…well…stupid.

and given who a lot of the company is thinking about voting for, i don’t see it slowing down any time soon.

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