my weed feed (algorithms work!)

so, i guess i kinda fucked up?

i clicked through and bought something on instagram. whatever was i thinking?

so, i’ve been on a delta nine gummy kick for a while now. it started with a chance dinner with tanya in san antonio (yes, THAT ‘tanya’) and went from there. the place in florida where i get my dry herb vape had branched off into a cbd place that also had the legal thc ones, so i ordered some from there that were the same type and size as what i had gotten from here because those really worked BUT, while locally made, were pricey ($60 for a bag of ten). the florida ones were $40 for a jar of thirty BUT there was a coupon code out that took em down to $20.


that code, “BUYUSA50”, was supposed to be just for the month of july (of last year) but worked all the way up until april (of this year) so i’ve been getting my shit at basically wholesale the whole time. and, sadly, you get used to that sort of thing.

so when the coupon “expired” and no other discount could be had i started looking elsewhere as there appeared to be all kinds of deals to be had. the first one i found was ‘strain specific’, i.e. it didn’t just have “strawberry” it had “strawberry cough”, a sativa strain i know and love. and they had a “sampler sale” whereby you got $15 credit on their website, which was enough for five sample packs of whatever you wanted to try, you just paid five bucks shipping and got half off your first regular order. for five bucks, why not?

who knew what i was starting…

now literally every other thing on my feed is some company with CBD or delta something or shroom microdoses or something. so, my twitter semi-appropriately renamed itself “X” although mine should be “XXX” as most of the feed is porn, now insta has gone more “indica”, so let’s see what facebook morphs into now!

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