pay tree it – heavy on the “pay”

as we enter into this, our final year of free elections, the money grab is on…

…and it’s only gonna get worse as we sweat through the summer on into the fall.

i’m fairly sure i did a bit, at some point, about the second waco documentary on netflix. if you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend it. it focuses on the trial phase of the bullshit, and more so on the effect it had on majorly stoking the fire under the modern militia movement. it also points out how all of them use the word “patriot” to justify, say, blowing up a federal building in oklahoma city. it wasn’t an act of “terrorism”, it was an act of “patriotism” they’d say.


what i’ve noticed is any, and i mean ANY social media ad that has the “p word” in it is heavy on the trumponian bullshit themes, light on the reality, and pricey. like $50 trading cards with trumps face on it, or other ridiculousness about owning the libs or treating your AR-15 like it’s your child. it’s all pricey, it’s all insane, and it’s all based on your fear that cross dressing dope fiends are hopping our borders!

(that last line was an actual simpsons quote…)

i just wanna put this out here – that hair doesn’t naturally grow that way. absolutely, positively NOTHING about that quaff of his is organic or natural in any way, shape, or form. that’s done. on purpose. and you know it’s not a short time process. products have been put through the whole “trial and error” regiment and he arrived at THAT look. again, on purpose. nobody else has that look, and with good reason. it does not, and should not, exist on this or any other world naturally. same with that orange spray skin color. this man looks at that image in the mirror and says, “yep – that’s what the american people need and want” and strolls out into the public eye like that. honestly, to me, that says it all about how out of touch he is with what’s acceptable in our nation.

while the parties are always going to disagree on certain things, neither of them want to see children harmed, borders completely obliterated, or america totally upended. we need to start planning for the 2050’s, not the 1950’s. i’m seriously wondering how bad this year is gonna be, but something tells me it gets a whole lot worse before it starts to get better.

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