shake, shake, shake

so, i always do the “whiskey wednesday” bits during march…


because texas liquor stores spike their irish whiskey selection during march due to st. patrick’s day, which is kinda funny because most people that celebrate the holiday heavily aren’t irish, don’t drink our whiskey (preferring the green beer swill due to cost), and tend to go to bars to “celebrate”, but i play along and do my part reviewing a different one for every hump day bit that pops its hump up during march.

through it all, however, i have ignored another green beverage trend that i feel demands some attention and is also, oddly enough, a march phenomenon. so now i’ll preview three of the exclusive march green milkshakes, starting with a local one –

p terry’s mint chocolate chip shake – coming out strong from austin based p terry’s burger stand, this one is simply mint flavored ice cream with this bits of broken up dark chocolate in it. thinner than the dip on a dq tip cone. the flavor is good, but the problem is all the chocolate is dispersed through out so you catch it in your straw constantly and you have the bulk of it at the bottom of your cup to scoop up, like your dessert’s dessert.

mcdonald’s shamrock shake – this is the one that started it all, literally before i was born. it has no chocolate component to it, just straight, strong, minty goodness. i can see why it’s worth getting excited over, and has been going on since 1970 (i was born fifteen months later in june of 1971).

arby’s andes mint shake – this was, previously, the only one i’d tried. i like it probably the best because it has a chocolate mint flavor to the shake itself, rather than relying on candy shrapnel to do the heavy lifting, but there is PLENTY of it on a sea of whip cream and real andes mint pieces. the one i had previously was prettier, but this one tasted better and was probably my favorite.

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