hopefully i don’t miss again!

i missed a chance back when i don’t wanna miss again…

…we’ll see how this goes.

back when i went to school growing up we had two elementary schools for the entire town of lockhart – the lockhart primary school (grades 1-3) and the lockhart intermediate school (grades 4-6). again, for the entire town. if you were of the age where you were between grades four and six you were in the intermediate school, period. no other choice. since then two more have been added (plum creek elementary and bluebonnet elementary) and the previous two have been renamed – primary becoming clear fork elementary, and intermediate becoming navarro elementary.

i had no idea this was happening. had i known, i would have suggested mom for the renaming of the intermediate school since that was her school where she impacted so many young lives. but now they’ve decided to add a fifth school AND they’re looking for name suggestions, so nik found the online form and i filled it out. we’ll see – might still get a school named after mom after all!

it’s interesting the things they ask – like if the person is “of good moral character and upstanding enough that their legacy will stand the test of time”, which i guess is a way of saying, “no racism, even my 2050 standards, not just 1950 standards”, which i get. so many things have had to be renamed due to people owning slaves back when, literally, large parts of the population owned slaves. fortunately mom’s pretty clear on all that, and was a church goer, and all that sort of thing, so we’ll see how it all works out.

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