the little things

i saw a cool meme the other day asking how many of us remembered these things…

you can here the “tink-tink-tink” in your head right now, right? it was the sound of a vegas slot win, we just didn’t know it yet, but it sounded magical as your allowance dollars got broken down into quarters, and that’s when the fun began.

i was reminded of all this by the sound of dropping quarters the other day. see, i had this weird sap or bird or something mark across a good chunk of my hood, and my car wash hadn’t been easy to get to, schedule wise, so instead of going where i pay month to month for unlimited washes, i just went to one by the house. sub par job for par plus pay. it was fifteen bucks (about half of what i pay for my membership) for a single wash, and after i fed it a ten dollar bill it wouldn’t take anymore. it also wouldn’t let me scale back to the ten dollar wash to just use what it had taken, so i had to hit the “REFUND” button and instead of coughing my piss yellow ten dollar bill back out, it dropped ten dollars in QUARTERS into the metal tray at the bottom of the machine. that’s FORTY QUARTERS for all who suck at math. i put em in my cup holder (filling it) and then paid with card and got my sub-par wash that did NOT get that crap off my hood.

as i was coming up to the shop i realized i had a few minutes to kill, so i stopped at the shell station across the street and used my forty quarters to by two five dollar scratchers. the first was a bust, but the second netted me twenty bucks, doubling my money. when i cashed it in the clerk asked if i had any requests (i.e. another ticket, a ticket and some cash) and i just replied with, “no, i’ll just take the twenty – AS a twenty dollar bill, please” and all was good again.

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  • Kramer Mar 11, 2024 @ 12:18

    You’re supposed to ask for it in all singles.

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