portion patrol

i get it, but how can you not get there’d be a backlash?

i’ve never understood the term “fat shaming”. i mean, i understand it in the sense that i get the definition, but what i don’t get is…well…should you be PROUD of being obese? putting your health at risk? haven’t we, as a society, moved beyond the point where being XXXL is a sign of wealth or accomplishment? i mean, you don’t need to constantly pick on overweight people – they get it. they buy their own clothes. they know they’re not small. no need to spike the ball there. but since when is this a taboo subject? you’re not supposed to pick on anybody’s shortcomings EVER these days? that’s what we’ve become.

to that end, macy’s got in some shit when they put out plates with portion sizes labeled thusly:

needless to say, they’ve been pulled off shelves.

it’s cute, and i get why it’s offending some people, but come on – it really all depends what you’re eating, and your metabolism, and any number of factors in addition to portion size. but, i know, that’s just overthinking it. talk about not reading the room!

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