whiskey wednesday – airplane booze edition?

it’s that time of year again, folks…

…the return of whiskey wednesday!

(for all the new readers, each march i celebrate the phenomenon of texas liquor stores dramatically upping their variety of irish whiskey to coincide with saint patrick’s day by reviewing a new kinda hooch every wednesday during the month)

these lil’ cans o’ goodness look like something you get on british airways when you do the puddle jumper to belfast, but they’re actually pretty inexpensive, pretty good, and available right here in the good ol’ u.s. of a. it’s got a unique flavor thanks to the proprietary blend, and it sits at eighty-six proof so it’s not really fuckin’ about on it’s kick. i find one can, over a little ice, is a nice unwind, and usually runs you less than five bucks! you can’t beat good budget-friendly hooch!

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