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so, a week ago i almost got ripped off trying to sell some of my co-workers shit without their knowledge or consent…

…but it’ll make sense in a second.

so one of the critical pieces of furniture of any tattoo setup is where we put you, the client. typically this falls into one of two categories – chair, or bed. while the latter is typically a massage table, the former usually has to also fold flat. while their are several companies that make such things these days, the quality ones can cost several hundred, if not a couple thousand, dollars. the less expensive, and occasionally cooler looking, version is a barber or dental chair.

this is a tail of the latter.

about a year ago a scrap metal truck rolled through the shop parking lot. the guy had just picked up a bunch of old dental chairs he wanted to sell, and new some tattoo artists like such things. he found a client (sucker) in a fellow that used to work for us, who actually talked a co-worker into one as well. i was against it because, typically, artists get these, use them for a couple months, realize they kinda suck compared to the modern version, and move them somewhere else in the building and abandon them so now i have a 250lb piece of medical waste to deal with…

…which is exactly what happened – times two.

i told my boss a few weeks ago to “bring his weight belt up” on monday because i wanted to toss the two dental chairs in the dumpster and he replied, “fuck that – put em on facebook market place and see if you can get some money in your pocket for them…nobody will miss them!”. i did, and i priced them to sell – $60 each, or $100 for the pair. within hours i got a response from a guy who said he’d take one for $60 and would send his son since he was out of town. he then said he didn’t want to deal in cash and would rather use paypal or zelle. since i know the former has fees, i chose the latter and sent him my email address. he texted he’d paid in advance and asked me to confirm. while nothing had hit my bank account, i did get an email…

instant red flags? this “zelle customer service” email came from a fuckin gmail account. and had a phone number that didn’t trace to zelle. and saying he had to send me an extra $240 to “expand my account” (which he was all to willing to do, i might add) made this all seem suspicious as fuck. when i started pointing all this out to him, he disappeared rather quickly.

i didn’t hear shit on my post the next day (i had also added the text “CASH ONLY – LOCALS ONLY” to the post) but monday suddenly got multiple messages, all of which NOW came with this message attached:

yeah, way to join the party! sold em both, but one of the owners of one of the chairs was actually there, so he got half the dough. i can’t bitch – i invested nothing but a little time, and walked with fifty bucks.

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