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so, twenty-two years ago, when the astrowhore-iverse was new, today apparently fell amongst a four day break in entries, i can only assume to spend time with my new (at the time), hot (even more so now) “mexi-malt” girlfriend (so named because she was 50% mexican, 50% maltese, and 100% hating of the term “mexi-malt”) around what would have been a fresh mom death-a-versary…

…but now it’s many years later, we’re still super close (but married to other people), and we have this fun bit to replay from twenty-one years ago today:

(fun fact – moments after i saved this entry, two days before you’re actually able to read this, she texted me out of the blue to see if i was okay – yeah, we’re THAT close)

02/08/2003: “chicas, part i – the 4 play”

“she said, ‘i feel you just see me as an object’. i said, ‘i’m not paying you to speak, dear…'” so goes one of kramer’s favorite quotes from me in the last few years. never meant in the literal sense, and not based on a real occurrence…but it gets a laugh out of him every time. the differences between men and women is a topic that has been done to death in movies, books, seminars, and stand-up routines. i don’t know if i’ve ever really dropped my two cents worth in here or not. i don’t know if i should. but hell, that’s never stopped me before.

justin, the guy i went to colorado with. he has this expression, that i don’t know the root of and have never bothered to ask…but basically, when something REALLY frustrates him, pisses him off, whatever, he says he’s “ready to kill babies”. now, when he says to me, “dude…that computer was pissing me off so bad i could kill babies”, i think to myself, “damn…he IS upset.”

but that’s about it.

the expression in and of itself is not gonna ruin my day or anything. let him say that in front of a female albertson’s clerk, and it’s a whole different story. that’s one you just shouldn’t use in front of a woman. kinda like when I was frustrated the other day, and i had to go get something out of my car, and i told our receptionist on the way out, “i’m gonna go down to the parking garage, get something out of my car, and find a kitten to kick the shit out of along the way.” i don’t know WHERE that came from. while i’m not really a cat person per se, i’ve never had the urge to punt one when i’m 3rd and 12 or anything. even if i DID grow up with a grandfather that owned several of the “101 things to do with a dead cat” cartoon books, it still doesn’t work in my basic agenda. so i guess that’s two to avoid…but you know me; i’ve gotta go for the six pack, typically. but since this is the “4 play” entry, we’ll just do four…

1. ” i could kill babies”

2. “i’m gonna find a kitten to kick the shit out of…”

3. anything containing the “c” word…you know the one. the one that rhymes with “hunt”. look, i’ve gone out with more than one woman that gets off on being talked dirty to. ain’t nothing wrong with that. it’s fun. but while you CAN say stuff like, “yeah…suck that cock you dirty little slut”, you CAN’T say THAT word. let that one slip in pretty much any situation and it’s GAME OVER. now, if that’s what you’re TRYING to do, let ‘er rip…

4. “pms is purely mental, made up bullshit”. yeah. say something to THAT effect. particularly while they’re in the midst of it. two hours later, as you’re gathering the bulk of your belongings off the front lawn (carefully avoiding the ones that are still smoldering or actually on fire) you can ponder where you may have gone wrong…before calling the proctologist to set up an emergency appointment to remove your high school football trophy from…well…you know.

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four things on the list to go after, and my readers ride the cunt train…i am SO proud of each and every one of you. seriously. and at least none of the guys were stupid enough to take the “p.m.s. challenge”…

sean said @ 02/10/2003 12:54 AM CST

Truly a cunning stunt.


Rev. Dr. Teeth said @ 02/09/2003 11:58 PM CST

I’m with Josh here…I just love the word cunt. It’s also one of my dad’s favorite words…he uses the phrase “flaming cunt with wings” to describe his ex-girlfriends and girls that just won’t give it up.

Porn Star said @ 02/09/2003 10:48 PM CST

you know what…fuck it. CUNT! CUNT! CUNT! all this c-word shit is annoying. i like that word and would use it more if i could.

josh said @ 02/09/2003 01:30 PM CST

I think that the c-word is fine under the right circumstances. Meaning, you can use it to refer to the originating body part in question, but you can’t use it to refer to me when you’re pissed off at me.

Also, I want to note that when I took screenwriting classes, the phrase used by both sexes to indicate that your favorite parts of the script were usually the ones you had to delete for balance, etc. was “You gotta kill your babies.”

Jette said @ 02/09/2003 12:28 PM CST

yeah, fish boy, that’s probably the most dangerous one of all…

sean said @ 02/08/2003 09:23 PM CST

my personal favorite, “honey, do these jeans make me look fat?”

astrofishy said @ 02/08/2003 08:30 PM CST

Brits love the c word. They even drop the t word with reckless abandon and stunning results. High comedy.

Dr. Teeth said @ 02/08/2003 05:43 PM CST

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