a year and a half already?

i swear i HAVE to have done a bit on this back when i got it…

…otherwise it wouldn’t be in the image library?

*after this bit was written i found the original*

so, the original looks like this…

but a year and a half ago, i bought this one:

and i’d honestly totally forgotten i did. i have way too many t-shirts, and so sometimes i forget what i even have. i found it recently when straightening a closet, so it found its way back into the rotation and i wore it to the the grocery store here in lockhart the other day.

it amazes me it still gets a response. to me it’s like wearing one of the charity shirts the shop did during covid – it’s just a relic of an ever-so-slightly bygone era. but i heard at least two people read it, out loud, as i walked through the store. the first person was before i was even AT the store, but at their house. a family friend i help out with stuff from time to time. she asked where i got it, and i truthfully told her it was a black sabbath shirt, which made her think it was the band parodying the charitable organization, and basically saying “black sabbath lives matter”, which is 100% not the case – they bootlegged one of their own iconic images to raise money for charity. but i let her have it, since she’s one of those people that, thanks to good ol’ fox news instilled paranoia, puts BLM in the same category as ISIS, or al queda, or their ultimate foe, ANTIFA.

which i’d like to close with a quick note on that one – antifa. we all know the “double negative rule”, right? where two negatives make a positive? well, “ANTIFA”, despite what fox news, and newsmax, and one america news network, and all those ultra-right-wing fear factories tell you, is NOT an actual organization. they’re more of a political movement – and ideology, as it were. and the name is short for “ANTI-fascist”. well, look back at that double negative rule – if you’re ANTI-anti-fascist, then you must be…

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