woulda been happier with the satanists?

so, i learned a valuable lesson today…

…certain wardrobe options will garner you attention in a small texas town. but first, some metal history. i figure it fits since i just saw anthrax again this week, so a note on an album from a band they were all influenced by, black sabbath. recently their album, masters of reality, turned fifty one as it came out on my buddy lance’s birthday. like actual birthday. like, lance was born july 21, 1971, which is the albums release date.

what’s sad is he could care less – if they’d only but it out on june 19, 1971, i’d have appreciated the hell out of it, but never mind that now.

it was around this era that ozzy, in an interview, talked about how the band was stuck in a weird middle place where they were too dark for the christian folk, but not evil enough for the satanic folk as they didn’t REALLY slaughter goats or any of that sort of thing. here they are, stuck in the middle with you.

wait…that’s a different band. let’s move on. it’s looked at as a landmark album, and the cover art was pretty easy to spot, even in t-shirt form:

so it only made sense that a couple years ago, in the wake of the george floyd slaughter, they decided to step up with a fund raising shirt:

with all the proceeds, of course, going to BLM. i found it online shortly after, and put it in my bookmarks so i’d remember to get one, and promptly forgot. but i recently saw it, had an, “oh, yeah…” moment about it, and decided to pick one up. i wore it out around town to wal-mart and h-e-b the other day and noticed a few more looks than usual. honestly, i thought it would almost camouflage itself as a black sabbath shirt, but apparently not so much. oh well, fuck em. if i have to put up with all their trumpian bullshit they can fucking deal with it.

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