two outta three ain’t is kinda bad

so, i started 2024 with a three prong resolution…

…and atypical to my normal behavior, i don’t think i wrote about it on here.

the three F’s to focus on this year were fitness, flexibility, and finances.

the first is just my overall health and well being and, more specifically, weight. yep, per usual, i’m always obsessing about my damn weight. but on the morning i’m typing this, which is (a peak behind the curtain at reality here) is january 23rd, i weighed in at 224.2, which is tied for my lowest since i started measuring ten years ago. so that feels good.

the second is more about my hip/leg issue. i can’t recall how long this is a thing, although i remember a weird project i did the same day the original injury came about, and i posted a pic on instagram about it, and assuming it’s the same day (the post is dated from april 2018). the issue wasn’t immediate, but i remember it being a thing when we went to vegas for my 50th (2021) and first really flaring up during south by when i was walking over to see the life-sized tie fighter lucas brought to town (that wasn’t pain, just a sudden leg issue, and all posts i see about that sxsw show it was 2016?) so who knows – maybe it’s cancer and been around almost a decade? all i know is it feels better when i’m moving, so i’ve been trying to force myself to do cardio since almost all options (bike, elliptical, treadmill) work your hip. it’s a bit worse when i sit than it was, but a bitter better when i’m moving.

the third is just getting shit in order to get the next ride, which so far i’m not doing too great at, but it’s only one of twelve months in AND i had a surprise $250 vet thing that will now be recurring for a bill a month at least, so i might just be pretty fucked here.

we’ll check back at the end of next month.

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