the math adds up, unfortunately

i was sent this by i don’t remember who, but they were really upset…

they were upset that blink 182 was on an “oldies” station.

but if you do the math, that single came out in 1999, which was twenty-five years ago. when i was doing radio (1992-1999) and a song had came out twenty-five years before (1967-1974) it would have clocked in on the classic rock station, but not oldies. but it’s close. close enough for you to kinda allow it. i mean, the eighties new wave channel on sirius will play 90’s shit, so there’s a bit of cross pollination.

what’s sad is all the bands i went and saw last year (new order, depeche mode, the cure, duran duran, and tears for fears) who all had hits forty years ago (1984) would totally qualify for the oldies format, as in my radio years that would have been around 1955.

now THAT stings!

(no 80’s new wave pun intended, of course)

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