at least it’s all better now? (a throwback)

ten years ago school shootings were a thing, apparently…

…so at least we’ve moved beyond that, right? wait, what?

personally, i blame cnn

Author: sean M Published: December 14, 2013

so, we had ANOTHER school shooting yesterday…

…oh harriet, here we go again.

i’ve already seen it all over facebook – my liberal friends screaming that the nra needs to shut the fuck up and stop lobbying and let the government regulate the shit out of guns. the conservative friends are screaming that guns don’t kill people, people do, and that regulations won’t keep the guns out of the hands of criminals or crazy people…

…which is kinda true, ya know.

all the stories play out the same – a white boy (it’s never anybody else, face it) gets jilted by a girl/teacher/society in general and has access to firearms at home so he goes in, makes a lot of ruckus and noise, takes out a classmate or twenty, then turns the gun on himself to keep the mystery going and guarantee that:

a. he gets his own page in the yearbook
b. he gets all over cnn for a day or two
c. he gets compared to everybody who’s done this before

am i alone in thinking that if the people who do this kind of shit thought nobody would give a fuck about them even if they go all columbine that maybe they wouldn’t do it? i mean, at this point isn’t it all kind of cookie cutter?

it’s always a white boy.
there’s always somebody that will claim PTSD afterwards.
the gunmen will always kill himself leaving “all the hard questions unanswered”.
other students will say the shooter was “a loner” and “not very popular” and “weird”
somebody will blame video games, the internet, and/or the kid’s choice in music
you will see at least one teen drama queen balling on camera
and cnn will always cover the fuck out of it.

hell, more kids were treated for “injuries” (in quotes because it later proved to be blood from the one shooting victim and not a wound) and anxiety than actual injury.

so america, here is my challenge to you – just stop giving these idiots the spotlight. seriously. next time it happens one little blurb – “new jersey teen lost it today and shot up his school – y’all know the drill” – and call it done. i’m willing to bet if the youth of today see that nobody gives a fuck if they thin out their generation with some buckshot and hollow points that they’ll stop doing it. to some of the attention starved youth of today even BAD attention is better than NO attention. so give them the latter, and let’s see if that stops the violence.

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