hail santa! or something like that…

it’s that time of year…

…that time when constitutional loving right wing folk forget the first few words of the first amendment to it. you know, about NOT setting up an “official” religion. because as xmas approaches the all want to decorate, as you do. shit, we did it, too. but they want to go full bore religious with a nativity scene, and that’s basically a capital or courthouse or what have you putting up a display not so much for that most wonderful time of the year, but for the most restrictive of the faiths if you really follow it closely, which most of them actually don’t.

i’m sure a menorah, or a buddha, or something could also be erected to the tune of, “oh, that’s cute…” from christian lawmakers and they’d move on. but, of course, instead, we always seem to get…

“free speech for me, but NOT for thee…”
, was a quote in the first article i read, which seems about on brand.

it’s amazing – if someone puts out something racist, or against queer culture, or antisemitic, and anyone gets upset, the right wing of 2023 will scream about “cancel culture”, and how it’s just freedom of speech. then, come the end of the year, they post their ten commandments or nativity scene under the guise of freedom of religion, but when any OTHER religion tries to exercise that freedom it’s “offensive” and “wrong”.

one of the scariest quotes from the above linked article is about how it’s “a tortured and twisted interpretation of law that affords Satan, who is universally understood to be the enemy of God, religious expression equal to God in an institution of government that depends upon God for continued blessings.”.

so you believe the government would cease to function if it weren’t for the “blessings” of your invisible guy in the sky? seriously? and people VOTE for these fucks?!?

i just don’t get it. actually, i do. as some of the reading point out, they’re just hypocritical fucks that believe that freedom applies to anyone who wants to be free to believe what THEY believe, worship who THEY worship, and vote for who THEY vote for. and if you don’t wanna believe, worship, and vote that way? then you shouldn’t get any freedom to oppose, unless you just want to say you oppose but actually know that THEY, the right, is right.

and if you doubt me, just ask any native american how well they’re differing opinions went over…if you can find one.

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