my new career path?

i wonder how much competition there is?

…oh, for the career path of being a “nippleologist”.

yes, i just added that to the dictionary. no, i didn’t write it first.

if you’ve never watched the series fargo on the fx network you’re really missing out. it’s on season six, i believe, and they just keep getting better. evidence of this are the people that keep getting added to the cast for a season. chris rock was the one that surprised me the most, but that was last season. this season it’s john hamm, who most folks know as donald draper from mad men.

the odd part appeared in a “blink and you’ll miss it” part of the trailer but basically show that hamm’s character, who he says he “channeled the marlboro man” to play, has pierced nipples. alas, it appears he didn’t go the extra mile and hit a shop and get em done. no, all the heavy lifting was done by stunt nipples.

Mr. Lifto during the Jim Rose Circus at Brick’s.

oh, i didn’t mean it that way. i just meant that hamm wore prosthetics. but if this guy is more your thing, he’s super cool and now a bar tender at a place in south austin.

as to WHY they would think the horse riding, marlboro man looking, sheriff played by hamm would have pierced nips, the showrunner’s response couldn’t have been more on point

we all live in tiger king’s america…

yep, and that’s sadly where all this maga shit comes from.

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