#whyisthisathing? (orange shrapnel edition)

i didn’t get it at first but i think i do now…

…when one of the downsides of your product is orange dusty mess everywhere i guess the only thing you can do is lean into it and create more orange dusty mess, right? and make people PAY for the privilege!

so that’s what they’re doing with this, the chee-tos duster. literally a mini blender to take your cheesy goodness back to the dust from whence it came which you can then use (apparently) in recipes or as a food topping. because we all know the big problem in america isn’t obesity or opioids…it’s a lack of neon orange dust flavored to somewhat resemble cheese.

so america’s greatest health care crisis can be tackled, and all for the low, low price of $29.99!

when research for this bit got sad was when i did a google search for “gifts for adults UNDER $30” and turned up all kinds of really great shit (bluetooth speakers, massage guns, power bank chargers, kitchen gadgets, etc, etc) that WON’T leave a trail behind that means your whereabouts can be traced with a black light and a hand held dyson.

so for any of those procrastinators out there, DON’T get me this…but wait…i guess it could make a good automatic weed grinder? so maybe it’s just to help you CRAVE chee-tos? GENIUS!

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