they may not catch em all, but they caught that one!

i feel like the government gets blamed for a lot…

…but do we know 100% they’re to blame here?

the short version – a $4,000 collectable pokémon game was said to be in one condition, paid for, and arrived in a very dilapidated condition by comparison. all the headlines say “US Customs Destroy…”, but are we sure? did the seller pull a scam? the buyer? some rogue person at mailboxes, etc?

there’s really no telling.

what i do know, collectible value aside, is if somebody shipped that fucker and didn’t insure (or over insure) based on collector value than they really fucked up. of course i’m also curious how this story bubbled up in my feed in a couple places but is actually from january? yet another great poké-mystery here!

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