giving turkey the bird on turkey day

we might be starting a new tradition here…

…and i’m okay with it.

because our “turkey day” population is whittling down to only four this year (and probably only two on xmas) “turkey day” is in quotes because actual turkey will not be present. we’re doing ham. it SEEMS easier, it’s a bit less expensive, and with the exception of the first thanksgiving at hill’s cafe i don’t think i’ve ever done it.

oh, and by “first thanksgiving…” i don’t mean i’m THAT fucking old, i just mean it was the first time hill’s had ever done thanksgiving. they didn’t advertise it. so, whereas you were supposed to get a choice of turkey OR ham, stuffing OR potatoes, green beans OR yams, and pecan OR pumpkin pie, they didn’t have nearly enough people show up, and didn’t want to waste food, so not only were you served literally one of everything, you also got to take a plate to go if you so chose (i did).

so this year the only real repeats will be sides, including one the only way it’s meant to ever be served…

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