he ain’t give you shit

so, in the recent election cycle the people of ohio overwhelmingly voted to enshrine the rights to an abortion in the state constitution…

…but a few ohio republicans think they no better than the public that voted them in. their plan?

“legislators will consider removing jurisdiction from the judiciary”?

in other words they will draft a bill that simply says the courts don’t get the right to vote on it. even thought THE PEOPLE already voted on it, and said, “yes, please!” to having that right. so they’re saying the people that voted them in knew what they were doing, but the ones that voted for this initiative didn’t because it disagrees with their beliefs?

i’ll take ‘separation of checks and balances for $200, alex’…

i’d love to say this is uncommon in the buckeye state, but it’s not. while this is the same state that ignored the voted on referendum in 2015 about geremandering voter maps and did em anyway, given the GOP a ‘super majority’, even the republican speaker admits, “This is Schoolhouse Rock-type stuff. We need to make sure that we have the three branches of the government”.

when this happens law making folks tend to invoke a phrase i’d like to discuss today – “god given rights”.

what the fuck is that? first off, you have to acknowledge there’s some bearded guy in the clouds before the discussion can go any further. then discuss how, in some way, he has power over the elected officials and the court system and such? last i heard, we get our ‘rights’ from the constitution and other government documents, which were written by men like you and i, and not up in the clouds. also, said santa-looking-cloud-man has never held an elected position to my knowledge, and therefore never really wrote down you qualifying for anything.

while i, like most of you, probably equate the term “god given rights” with “basic human rights”, what are those, really?




seems like if that was the case, there would be no homeless or hungry, but we all know there are plenty of those people. so what are these “god given rights” people discuss, and why is it only white folk in power seem to qualify for em? doesn’t “god love everyone”, not just the white & wealthy?

so what are these “god given rights”, any way?

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