i’m really trying here

so, a brief content lesson…

…most of this stuff is written somewhat live. one of the things my friends liked about this site back in its beginnings was that it was written fairly stream of consciousness style, kinda like how i speak. so when i’m out and about and come up with “a bit”, as i call them, i typically leave myself a note or an image or something on my phone. something that’ll trigger the old grey matter (the name of the original software this was written on, in case you want some trivia) to kick in and shoot out this slop in a fairly expeditious matter.

and i remember thinking this was a good one.

i don’t remember where online i saw the article i was gonna base the bit on, but the note i left myself, on my phone, was “PTSD Asian pooper dreamers – guy job search fears”.

i got nothing

i tried googling “asian guys fear pooping at the office” and got nothing, but that was okay. i was afraid any deeper dive would probably start to pull up some shit i didn’t want to see (pun intended).

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