lil produce flashback

well, damn…

…that’ll make more sense after you read the bit officially fifteen years old today:

meat is murder…but makes you smarter?

Author: sean M Published: October 13, 2008 0 comments edit

the last time i went on a date with a veggie girl she was from india…

…and she’s not alone. my ex has now gone vegan (alex, that is) and my ink guy harold has been vegetarian for as long as i’ve known him. but a recent study from india (which is why i brought her up in the intro, in case you’re curious) says that going veggie can make you stupid ’cause you miss a lot of the essential nutrients (like B12) your brain needs to thrive when you just eat hummus and such.

the same study found that drinking (which explains a lot about my world) and being fat (ditto) can also slow your brain down.

so the advice in animal house just needs to be slightly amended and i guess it was dead on…

“fat, drunk, and stupid (and vegetarian) is no way to go through life, son…”

2023 note – alas, the link that was in this bit originally now pulls a 404 on us…damn farmer’s mafia!

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