look carefully…or else!

a quick note to my older and/or less tech savvy readers…

…be careful with some of those “helpful” emails you get. like the one i got last week:

check my note pointing out the email it came from. it says it’s about my anti-virus. it has the “GOOGLE” logo in it! but i comes from neither. fun fact – my anti-virus is registered to a completely different email. it’s also not through google, or microsoft, or any other company they would guess and send.

another fact – there’s no way anyone, and i mean anyone, could remotely know how many viruses are on your pc remotely and be able to email you about it, unless THEY infiltrated your machine themselves, or perhaps delivered the viruses. my guess is that’s how many you’d get if you click literally any link in the email, because…

they all send you to the same place, and none of them are the place they mention. y’all be careful out there!

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