well, shoot – guess ya can’t have one!

at a recent campaign stop, agent orange supposedly bought a glock

…the problem is, he can’t do that.

since he is under indictment currently a time or several, he loses that right per legislation HE signed and they’re currently making a big deal about when it comes to hunter biden doing the same thing. you know, because irony is fun. the second this was pointed out his people walked it back saying they had misspoke and he hadn’t ACTUALLY gone through with the purchase.

i’m curious.

i mean, it’s not like his followers give a shit about him breaking the law, and i could see that to the point of them helping him do it by illegally selling him a gun. it’s one of two things i will agree this guy has said that’s actually true – clearly, he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and not lose a single voter. they clearly consider him above the law, and that’s fucking scary.

these next several months are gonna get interesting.

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