because it needs to be MORE syrupy

i guess it’s because i buy my rockstars on amazon?

…because otherwise, i don’t get it. a brief historical bit:

so, back in the early 1990’s i was working at a gym here in town that was run by the police department and all the equipment had been donated. keeping up with the “living off free shit” theme was the semi-vintage pepsi machine which the pepsi distributor actually stocked, but with a lot of marketing experiments. ever heard of “strawberry pepsi”? if you google it actually has its own wiki page stating it came out in 1994 (which seems about right) and that it was only available in france and the uk.

and lockhart, texas. how did we not make the list? i’ll search one better…

a google for tropical pepsi turned up another page that makes a lot more sense. it says it was released as part of “the pepsi wild bunch” which contained a strawberry, raspberry, and tropical variety but was only released for test market purposes in tulsa, oklahoma.

and lockhart, texas. it puts the date at 1991, which was when i started at the gym, so that might have been more accurate. the point being, the big soda companies experiment on occasion and you might not always hear about it. so what was it i don’t get? how amazon thought this was something i’d want:

if you read the ingredients it’s just normal foreign coke (i.e. sugar in place of the HFCS) so i’m guessing the maple hides under the “natural flavors” ingredient. seems like it would be too sweet and a lil syrupy? and twenty-eight bucks for four bottles? i know it was thirty years ago, but i was paying fifty cents for those cans of pepsi. talk about inflation!

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