old show story about a show for old folks (a flashback)

i wish i’d done a deeper dive on this one…

…but it’s one of those unicorn “twenty-one years old and never been rerun!” bits!

09/15/2002: “we have both kinds of music – country AND western”

saturday – the day was spent running all over san marcos; the night working a show with folks that couldn’t run if they tried…and try they did. after a nice fun afternoon all over sm, it was time to pay the fiddler and actually work. with a fiddler. and a slide guitar player. and god help us, yodeling people. yes, the ray price show…attended by people who have followed ray since day one. literally. i don’t just mean day one of his career, i mean the original DAY ONE. ’cause these folks were THAT old.

in checking i.d.’s for will call, i didn’t see more than TWO where the birthday was AFTER 1960. these people killed the bar staff ’cause they NEVER touched the hard stuff, only beer and wine. and almost more of the latter than the former. plus, the concessions did next to NO sales (as evident by the fact they actually charged me, full price i might add, for my brisket sandwich) but i blame that on the fact that most of these folks can’t have solids after seven.

what was worse was that this was a SEATED show. never seen one of those at stubb’s before. and that meant they had to scramble for a good seat (where they all stayed COMPLETELY seated the whole damn show, i might add). some of them TRIED to run when they gates were open, to get a good seat. these people were all older than my parents. i kept waiting for someone’s hip to go south when they tried to rush things. i’m not being TOO cruel here, am i?

five things i heard at this show i’d NEVER heard at a show before…

1. what do you mean (the headliner) starts at 9:30? why so late? lord, i didn’t know this was gonna be an all-nighter.

2. do you guys have coffee and tea inside?

3. i remember the first show of his i went to….we skipped school after lunch to drive out to see him in my momma’s brand new 1959 buick.

4. those tattoos on your arms aren’t REAL are they?

5. can i use my aarp card to get a discount?

the sad thing about that last one is she asked AFTER i’d printed her ticket. if she’d asked BEFORE, i would have comped her in…’cause that was just TOO cool. and no, folks, the same thing WON’T apply if you’re around my age and try and use that line to score free koRn tickets.

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You mean no AARP discount for me, too? but dude, you promised!

old fogey said @ 09/15/2002 06:05 PM GMT

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