how is this a thing?

i know when certain milestone anniversaries happen there’s cause for celebration…

…and as i get older, and certain albums i enjoy his their age milestones, we’re gonna get some re-issues of remastered recordings, occasionally with bonus tracks you’ve never heard, or demos, or what have you, and some era-inspired merch, like newer shirts with older logos and tour dates and shit.

but this makes no sense:

how the hell? a cosmetics like inspired by the cover art of the album? it’s covered in fucking CHILDREN. how does that tie in? and it’s kids being told to commit suicide. the only thing, from where i sit, more ridiculous than this even existing is the fact that it’s already sold out in pre-sale. seriously? i guess maybe they knew what daphuk they were doing because i never, in a million years, woulda guessed this was a thing!

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