this will bug me for a while (pun intended)

talk about freakish…

…i did something on the way to the gym the other day i don’t think i could replicate if i tried.

so, last week i ran to the car wash on thursday. as per usual, when they pull it around and dry it and do the interior, they left a door open. as per NOT usual, several gnats got in. i squished one against the windshield when i came to the first light after the car wash. by the second light a couple more were on the side window so i opened it slightly and they both bailed out (i assume since they saw what happened to their friend).

and then, no more gnat activity. not for the forty-five mile ride home, nor for the run to the post office slightly after i got home, nor for the run to h-e-b after that.

but the next morning on the way to the gym one rogue lil fucker went after me. again, i assume at least slightly out of revenge for the fate that befell his friend. he was getting between my glasses and my eye, then up my nose, and would fly out and land of the windshield in between his kamikaze runs. i tried to squish him twice with my thumb and missed, but the third time i got him!

the only problem was that was on the upper left corner of the windshield, and as i’m right handed, the angle was such that my thumb hit the gnat at the exact same time as my middle finger knuckle hit the glass, so…

cheapest i’ve found is $250 if i do it in cash, so i guess we’ll have to ride this out for a bit. it doesn’t effect driveability and it’s on the inside between the layers so it’s not leaking. anyone wanna kick in?

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