generosity kills

of all the things, with AIDS when i was younger and CoVid when i was earlier, who knew revenge of the nerds would be almost prophetic?

except the shirt should read “till YOU’RE dead…”, which is more accurate, albeit i suppose a bit rapey?

it’s all thanks to a new study of yet something else that can kill us.

i saw this all over my news feed last week, but seems to be most prevalent amongst males (guilty) over fifty (strike two) that have had more than six to eight partners they’ve had oral sex with (strike three). what’s funny, though, is doing research on this there was a ten year old article talking about how it’s quite rare, but apparently that’s changed and while it was in the news last week it’s actually been pretty well known for a couple of years now. at least, thanks to our modern era, you can see all the symptoms to watch for online and i have ZERO of them, so i guess we’ll see where things take us. who knew being that caring guy in bed could eventually backfire so brutally? i guess assholes do really live forever…

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