missed it by THAT much

if there’s one thing most people know about my, i’m not a theocracy fan…

…which is what roller cocksucker (my not so affectionate nickname for the current governor of texas) would like to turn this state into. it’s why he got a bill going to put the ten commandments in every classroom in texas (that should be reversed due to its sever unconstitutionality), it’s why we lead in restricting abortion care, but it’s why he’s still around.

that being said, he’s been slammed in social media (and rightfully so) for his reaction to the latest mass shooting in texas. not that we’re lacking in them. shit, we INVENTED them.

but the latest one was weird – a guy was firing off round from his AR in his front yard and his neighbors asked his drunk ass to stop, so he went into their house and executed (as in shot execution style, one to the back of the head) eight of the ten people in the house, including an eight year old. the only reason the other two were spared because he couldn’t see them as their mother’s lay on top of the kids so they weren’t visible. the mothers were killed the same way before he fled. he’s still at large as of this writing (may 2nd, about 2:30 in the afternoon).

but back to the notorious RCS – he went on social media offering a reward for the killer of these illegal immigrants. that was what got him in the shit. their victims, plain and simple. in death, their immigration status is irrelevant and unnecessary. albeit an accurate term, it didn’t need to be said and could have been said nicer. it’s like seeing a fuller figured gal (“skinny by san antonio standards”, as one of my buddies calls ’em) – you can call her “thick” or you could call her “fat”. one might get her hand on your dick, one will get her hand across your face, even though both are, technically, accurate.

his focus should have been on the killer. while the killer’s immigration status is technically “unknown” by the article i found, the fact that he’s been deported FOUR times, and the last time was during 2016, i feel safe in saying neither the trump nor biden administrations have let this guy in, especially since he’s had a DWI here. so the smart money is on him being “undocumented” (liberal version) or “illegal” (conservative version).

if he’d focused on the killer, and referred to him as “illegal” even liberals would have let it slide. he killed eight people in cold blood, including children. he could have used him as a HUGE red party poster boy – a reason to tighten border security (“he’s been deported four times and keeps getting back over!”) and a reason to shut down gun law advocates, as the current laws say only a legal citizen can get em, yet he has an AR and, clearly, plenty of ammo.

but he fucked up and called the victims “illegal”. and on the internet and social media there’s no takesie-backsies. even if you delete your tweet or post, guaranteed somebody has a cache or screen shot version and like herpes, it’s there with you forever.

better luck next time, RCS – this was a golden opportunity to forward your bullshit agendas and you fucking missed it.

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