whiskey wednesday ii – mcgregor edition (2023)

so, i THOUGHT i’d discussed this brand before, but perhaps i haven’t?

…oh wait, i had, i just hadn’t looked back far enough.

well, this is the apple version. i have to say, while the regular version left a lot to be desired (i believe “outlet mall jameson” was the phrase i used) this stuff i really like. one thing to keep in mind – anything flavored has to get said flavor from SOMEWHERE, and it’s (logically) at the expense of the strength of the beverage, whereby they “water down” eighty proof whiskey with flavor, typically making it seventy proof.

(the exception to this was the “red stag” series jim beam had for a while, which had the flavor but still sat at eighty, but that’s been long since discontinued)

for seventy it still hits pretty good, and the flavor is spectacular. i’ve never had apples from ireland, but if this is how they taste, i wanna get some for baking purposes!

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