and then i die in july? (part ii)

so, one down, three to go?

one to go?

we’ll see…

saturday night was fun:

as i’d previously mentioned, new order was the band i’d seen the least in the lineup of concerts hitting this area in the spring / summer, and they didn’t disappoint. this was the only show on this tour that didn’t sell out, but the venues in both houston and dallas (and thus, i’ll assume new orleans) were under 5,000 people, which is about a fourth the size (or less) of where they played in sa, but i can’t picture the light show being nearly as spectacular in a smaller venue.

i did my usual and downloaded the set list from the previous tour date and while there were some changes i didn’t like, there were some other surprises that were cool, so all in all it was a solid set. i kinda wanted a t-shirt, but the lines were the most insane i’ve ever seen at a show in thirty years, and they (claim to have) sold out by the time i checked back at the end of the show, so i guess i’ll just do without. now we’ll see if i get a cure code and it’s on!

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