and then i die in july? (part i)

so, it looks like this year will be an epic year for shows…

…and my credit score will suffer as a result.

tonight i’m going to see new order in sa – first time i’ve seen them since the technique tour at the austin city coliseum (rip) in 1989. next month i’ll be heading to the same spot in sa for depeche mode (who are looping back through austin in september but i don’t think i can afford both).

but then earlier this week the cure announced they’d be coming through in may, and tickets go on sale through a rather complicated and convoluted process next week, which will go into then it happens. duran duran will be at the same austin venue in june, so that may also have to happen. and to top it off, in the middle there’s a ministry / gary numan show.

but to have four months in a row of shows of new order, depeche, cure, and duran all in a row? if i was a dog i’d be expecting that “ride out in the country” come july!

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