always look towards tomorrow

okay, i’ll get a little mushy on this one…

…tomorrow is ME’s birthday. the original reader, inspiration, and reason this site is here. it all began on a cold, wet night in a coffee shop on the square in san marcos, texas, when she and i were joined by kramer for dinner and such and he said he had this site he had tried to launch for “news of the weird” type shit but wasn’t able to really keep up with and so he wanted me to make it my personal blog.

so, tomorrow she turns…well…another year older. i’m not stupid enough to put a number. she knows where i live. that woman will cut me. i’ve seen the knife. last year we didn’t know if she would forever be ageless (although to some of us she is regardless) because of the ‘rona. exactly one year ago today, four hours before her actual birthday, the put her in a medically induced coma where she stayed for several weeks.

on her actual birthday last year i had done a bit before i found out this all happened. i did an update where i didn’t know much and, in my grief, actually revealed her real age so i won’t link to it here (see previous “she will cut me” comments). it was a few more weeks after that before she was back amongst the conscious. physically she is still dealing with some things from the positions they would leave her in while she was under that are unusual enough that as you’re reading this the mayo clinic is interviewing her to possibly be a case study.

(but despite all this, from pics she’s shot my way, she’s still just as sexy as ever)

so this wraps my “happy birthday, ME!” post for 2023, this time in a lot happier place because i know she CAN read it this year! love ya, babes!

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  • Me Feb 14, 2023 @ 10:53

    I love you E. That’s all I got. I love you.

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