smoke ’em if ya got ’em! (and have had ’em for almost too long)

i have done some variation of this title at least half a dozen times…

…and no, i’m still not tired of it.

no, this hearkens back to my 50th, lo a couple summers ago, when i decided to take care of myself royally, including buying the first full “box” of smokes i’d purchased in a while, which was not, in fact, a box, but rather looked like this:

and the package art was done my this guy:

i just looked it up because after a year and a half i finally tried em. most of the acid line is really solid (as long as you’re into infused cigars, but if you’re more a hard line traditionalist they will NOT be your thing) and i’d taken one for a co-worker who wanted to try em as well. he asked me how much they run and i had to explain that they were a limited thing, so you couldn’t really find em any more, but back when i got them they ran six or seven bucks, i thought…but maybe eight or nine?

now i’m wondering.

they show to be $200 for the package, which would make them about $10 each, or $12 individually. that being said, i know damn well i didn’t pay $200 for em. i know me well enough to know i just wouldn’t have done that, especially while saving for vegas and all. so i have no idea how much i paid – but i’m pretty sure it wasn’t the full amount, and now i’ll have no idea because they are WELL sold out as they were a limited edition and shit.

*thanks to my o.c.d. on triple digit purchases i actually still have the email order confirmation and i paid $129.99, which was just north of $150 with tax and shipping. plus i got a seven cigar acid sampler as a free bonus, although apparently that’s why i saved all the emails – they forgot to ship it and i had to argue to get it so i needed proof of an order over $100!*

mystery solved!

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