twas a fun(ko) holiday!

i swear this guy always gets me the coolest shit for xmas and juneteenth…

…of course, i’m talking about myself. but this is pretty damn cool:

i had the whole current lineup as individual ones, but of course that didn’t include original bass player, the late, great, cliff burton. plus you get the stage from the “master…” tour, which is a big plus! it’s a lot bigger than it looked online, and while i found out about it as a wal-mart exclusive (where it sold out pretty quickly) it was also, of course, available on metallica’s web site.

(and other things were ordered too – shane, spoiler alert – you have a shot glass here but you have to come to the house and get it!)

funko was NOT fucking around with the release date for black friday, as evident by the fact this was on the box in about twenty fucking places:

but score one for me! already sold out, and going for about double (or more) retail on eBay currently, but i’ll bet that chills out now that the holidays are behind us. worth picking up if you’re a fan of the classic met, but make sure you have some room on the shelf ’cause it takes up a LOT of it!

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