your plugging the wrong hole, marjorie

since it’s the two year anniversary of the insurrection, let’s talk about one of it’s architects and some bullshit she pulled just before xmas…

…the annoying m.t.g. announced, while on stage at a young republican’s conference, that you “can now buy dildos and butt plugs at target and cvs” ignoring that you’ve been able to for over a decade, but maybe she’s just happy when she needs a lil somethin’ somethin’ she know longer has to don a ball cap and dark glasses, she can just down two aisles over from her hair gel aisle at target and…


so now it’s being used as a touchstone for how corrupt and immoral our christian based nation has become…

…except we are NOT a christian based nation, despite how many times they claim it. and when this was brought up on tucker carlson’s show (which is undoubtedly where she got it from) he added “but selling marlboro’s is immoral”.

first off, they sell those as well. secondly, i did find some borderline humorous shit (you have to label it “borderline” because people died) by googling the phrase “killed by sex toy”, but the numbers still won’t match how many people are killed per year by smoking. heart disease and cancer are caused by smoking, and both are still the number one and two killers of adults in the united states according to the latest statistics. but never mind that now…they have dildo’s at wal-mart…the raputre is nigh!

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